The following guide explains how to setup NFT and crypto asset ownership verification in the Web3 Access plugin for WordPress. After setting up your Web3Product(s) with ownership verification, you can restrict your WordPress content to visitors who own specific NFTs or crypto assets.

1. Add Smart Contracts

The first step is add the Smart Contracts of the NFTs or assets you want to verify visitors own.

Go to Web3 Access -> Smart Contracts (NFTs) in your WordPress Dashboard. Fill in the provided fields.

  • Token Contract Address: The Smart Contract address where the asset(s) exist.
  • Name: The name of the contract ( ie. Decentraland)
  • Network: The Network the contact exists on.
  • ERC Type: What type of token will be used for verification. This should match the contract address being used.

2. Assign Assets To Web3Products

After setting up your smart contract(s), go to Web3Products in your WordPress Dashboard.

Find the Product Access via NFTs and owned tokens box. You should see a list of the contracts that have been added with buttons to add NFTs or tokens.

Smart Contracts NFT WordPress

Click the button to add an NFT or asset. You should then see additional fields appear with the contract information already filled in.

WordPress NFT Restricted Content

Fill in the provided fields noting the following:

  • Token ID: This is the token id for a specific asset. If you want to verify that a visitor owns ANY NFT within an ERC-721 collection, leave this field blank.
  • Token Name: The name of the token OR collection.
  • Token Image URL: Upload or Copy the asset image URL from somewhere such as OpenSea.
  • Purchase URL: Where the asset can be purchased. This can be a link to OpenSea, and Exchange or any URL.
  • OpenSea Collection Slug: Only fill this in if you have an OpenSea API Key and using an OpenSea Shared smart contract address.

See OpenSea Collections Setup

3. Publish or Update Web3Product

After adding all the NFTs and tokens visitors can use to verify their ownership, simply Update or Publish your Web3Product.

*Note: If you are using ownership verification, the Product Price on your Web3Product is optional. Filling in the Product Price will give visitors an option to make a payment (transaction via MetaMask / browser wallet) to get access to the content.