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WordPress Ethereum Payments
Ethereum (ETH)
WordPress Polygon (MATIC) Payments
Polygon (MATIC)
WordPress Binance Smart Chain BSC Crypto Payments
Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
WordPress Avalanche AVAX Crypto Payments
Avalanche (AVAX)
WordPress Fantom FTM Crypto Payments
Fantom (FTM)
WordPress Solana SOL Crypto Payments
Solana (SOL)

Your Price, Your Tokens

Create products with prices set in USD.

Accept payment in almost any MetaMask supported cryptocurrency.

Web3 Access automatically converts USD prices to the amount in tokens at the time of transactions.
**Conditions may apply if a custom tokens price can't be converted from USD via Binance or CoinGecko API.

Restrict Your Content

Easily restrict any content with our Web3 Access Restricted Content Gutenberg Block.

Restrict access to entire Pages, Posts and Custom Post types.

Restrict content to visitors who own specific NFTs or tokens.

Web3 Subscriptions

Setup your Web3 Products as subscriptions plans for limited time access to content.

Customers can renew their subscriptions via Web3 wallet payments or NFT Verification.

NFT Verification

Our NFT Verification feature allows you to use your NFT Collections as a membership to your WordPress content.

Add your NFT Collection as a payment option to your products, allowing visitors to verify their ownership and gain access to additional content.

Dashboard Overview

Admin Payments page for an overview of transactions.

Admin Subscriptions page for an overview of subscriptions.

User Account page displays customers transaction history.

1% Fee On All Transactions

Web3 Access is free to download and install on your WordPress website. We collect a small 1% fee on all transactions via our Smart Contract.

Our NFT Verification feature is free to use and does not include any transaction fees.

You only pay when you get paid!

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Thank you for checking out Web3 Access! If you're wondering how to accept cryptocurrency payments on your website via MetaMask, you've come to right place. Our mission is to provide all WordPress users with an easy to use solution for MetaMask integration.

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