Step 1. Install MetaPress Plugin

Download and Install the MetaPress WordPress plugin.

Step 2. Setup Your MetaMask Wallet Address

Go to MetaPress in your WordPress Dashboard and enter your MetaMask wallet address where you would like to receive transactions.

MetaPress WordPress Menu Items
MetaPress Wallet Settings

Step 3. Create MetaProducts

Go to MetaProducts in your WordPress Dashboard and create your first product. Fill in the Product Title and Product Price fields. Note that all prices should be entered as USD values. MetaPress will automatically convert your USD prices to the amount in tokens at the time of transactions.

You can optionally fill in the Excerpt field for a short product description as well as the Featured Image for a product image.

* Product Price is not required if you are using NFT Ownership Verification to provide access to content on your site.

MetaProduct Setup Set MetaMask Price

Step 4. Restrict WordPress Content

Restricting Specific Content On A Page Or Post

After creating a MetaProduct, create a new Page or edit an existing one. If you’re using the WordPress Gutenberg Editor, look for the MetaPress Restricted Content block and add one to your content.

Add MetaPress Restricted Content Block

Select your MetaProduct from the right side menu under MetaPress Settings. This will require visitors to purchase that product in order to access the content within the MetaPress Restricted Content block.

Choose MetaPress Product

Make sure to add some content within the MetaPress Restricted Block!

MetaPress Restrict WordPress Content

Restricting Entire Content

When Adding or Editing a Page, look for the MetaPress Restrictions settings below the main content editor. Use the checkboxes under Required MetaPress Products to restrict access to the entire Page to visitors who have purchase one of the checked products.

MetaPress Restricted Page or Post

Step 5. Accept Payment Transactions

When a visitor visits a page with MetaPress Restricted Content they will be asked to make a MetaMask transaction OR verify they own NFTs or other crypto assets that have been setup on your site. By completing a transaction via MetaMask or verifying they own required assets, visitors will then get access to the content.

MetaPress Payment Box

Have Questions?

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