What tokens are supported with MetaPress?

Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon (Matic) are supported with MetaPress allowing direct transactions via our Smart Contract. Custom Tokens that use ERC-20 standards with 18 decimals can also be added.

Which Gutenberg Blocks are supported?

All the default WordPress Gutenberg Editor Blocks are supported and can be added inside the MetaPress Restricted Content block. If you are using a Theme or Plugin that registers it’s own Gutenberg Blocks, you may need to contact us to allow those blocks to be added inside the MetaPress Restricted Content block.

How much does it cost to use MetaPress?

The MetaPress plugin is free to install on your WordPress website. We charge a 1% fee on all transactions via our Smart Contract. Therefore, you only pay a small fee when you receive a transaction!

How do I add custom tokens?

To accept payments in tokens other than Ethereum and Polygon, go to MetaPress -> Tokens in your WordPress Dashboard. Enter in the Token details for each token you wish to add.

Important Notes:

  • Custom token transactions require spending approval before final transactions can be sent. This means customers will need to first approve your website URL to spend tokens on their behalf. The spend amount set depends on the price of the product being purchased. Once a spend approval transaction is complete, customers can confirm they would like to spend that amount on your product which requires a second transaction.
  • Currently, custom tokens must use ERC-20 standards with 18 decimals. (this might change in a future version). More Info

What is the NFT Ownership Verification feature?

MetaPress for WordPress allows you to restrict content to users who own a specific NFT (ERC-721), ERC-20 or ERC-1155 token(s). See more information.