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** Video clarification. NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Although we refer to all ERC-20, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens as NFTs in this video and within the plugin, please note the following:

  • ERC-20 is fungible (each one is not unique and can be traded for one another)
  • ERC-721 is Non-Fungible Token - a true NFT (each one is unique and has unique value)
  • ERC-1155 is Multi Token Standard which consists of multiple assets, where each one can have 1 or multiple tokens of the same kind. For example, A collection might have 10 Unique Cards, 100 Rare Cards and 1000 Uncommon Cards. Each Token has a unique ID but has a balance such as 100 (Rare Cards).

ERC-721 Tokens (NFTs)

Verify ownership of specific ERC-721 tokens or an entire collection. Website visitors are required to verify they own a specific NFT or own at least one NFT part of a collection.

ERC-20 Tokens

Verify ownership of ERC-20 tokens. This is a simple verification that checks if the visitor has a balance of a specific ERC-20 token.

ERC-1155 Tokens

Verify ownership of a ERC-1155 token. ERC-1155 tokens have unique IDs but also have a balance associated with each one. Verify visitors ownership of at least 1 of a specific ERC-1155 token.