v1.2.7 Restrict WordPress Website Access Setting

Version 1.2.7 of the MetaPress plugin for WordPress has a new setting that allows you to restrict your entire WordPress website and its content. After creating a MetaProduct in your Dashboard, you can enable the Restrict Website Access option to require visitors to either make a payment via their Web3 browser wallet, or verify they own an NFT to access pages and content on your website.

Version 1.2.7 Updates

  • New Restrict Website Access option under MetaPress -> Access Settings. Allows you to restrict access to all pages and website content.
  • New Allow Page Access option for individual Pages, Posts and supported content types. Only applicable when Restrict Website Access is enabled.
  • Added price label on Product Purchase buttons.
  • Added a View Page As Admin button when logged in as administrator to view restrict content pages.
  • Fixed a bug where Pending Transaction URLs were not linked to the explorer URL.